ES's Avatar Anthology: 301-325

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ES's Avatar Anthology: 301-325

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:29 am

#301. "Painting Bullseyes"

Debuted: 9/28/11


Earendel explained in his top o the morning post about how he had to prepare reports for the end of the fiscal year which essentially revised his department's spending projections to more accurately reflect what the numbers actually were. He referred to this bit of bureaucratic hocus pocus as "shooting at a wall and painting a target around where the bullet wound up". I put that ridiculous idea in avatar form and featured ES missing his mark in attempting to shoot an apple off of his friend (and meanie Flying Squirrels manager) Winnie's head, but painting a bullseye around where he hit him in the chest.

Characters: ES, Winnie

Reference thread: ... 90#p401190

#302. "SpLoofus"

Debuted: 10/1/11


Somehow, some way, I wound up finishing 9th in the Sploofus QoD standings for the month of September, and celebrated with the new jenius ES wearing his pretty little SPloofus blue ribbon as MBRS shows him what she really thinks of his accomplishment. I like how MBRS came out in this one, but ES not so much....

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread:

#303. "Blazing Pink"

Debuted: 10/2/11


Ranked 18th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

After uly posted an avatar of him posing with the USC Song Girls wearing their pink shirts in support of Breast Cancer awareness, I felt the need to follow up with one of my characters joining the cause. But who to put in the pink shirt? Little Blaze wound up being the perfect choice in this one. There is very little contrast at all in the colors of this avatar, yet it's so cute and visually pleasing at the same time. The added gradient of colors for the background was an unexpected bonus I didn't realize would work so well.

Characters: Blaze

Reference thread: ... 58#p401758

#304. "KISS ES"

Debuted: 10/5/11


Lilclyde posted that Gene Simmons was putting pressure on him by marrying his girlfriend of 28 years Shannon Tweed. Clyde had been with his Baboo with no ring now for 27 years. I thought maybe Clyde was just jealous of the tongue, and drew ES doing his best Gene Simmons impersonation. This avatar never did look right, and the main fault with it struck me later when I realized I forgot to draw ES's tail. As it was, this one turned into a one-day wonder.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 48#p402248

#305. "And the Crowd Goes Wild!!!"

Debuted: 10/5/11


Games 3 and 4 of the NLDS series between the Phillies and Cardinals were both plagued by a squirrel running loose on the field at Busch Stadium. In Game 4, the critter ran right in front of the batter Skip Schumaker right after Roy Oswalt delivered a pitch. Even before Ray started a thread about it, I was already creating this scene where the girls look on in glee/horror as ES gets his punishment for crashing the game, a nice jolt from the taser out of the avatar's view. I don't know what I love the most about this avatar... the ecstatic cheering on of ES (or the security) by MBRS, the "not being able to turn away from a train wreck" look on Angel, or my first ever attempt at creating a real crowd in the background. The background faces, drawn in my old dark gray outline, almost steal the show in this one. Ironically, the incident this avatar inspired would lead to the squirrel boycott I would later go on after Cardinals fans stol.... er, embraced the Rally Squirrel concept, which briefly led to full avatar blackout level after the Rangers double meltdown in Game 6 of the World Series.

Characters: MBRS, Angel

Reference thread:

#306. "Squirrel Hoarder"

Debuted: 10/10/11


With a week-old avatar and seemingly searching for inspiration, I clicked on a transcript thread hoping to find the same magic that gave us Sunmaid Angel. While not quite as good, I did find a question in Russell Walks' transcript thread with the description of an episode of Hoarders... "A couple filled their rented home with 30 rabbits". Of course, this immediately brought to mind what Casa Sprots might be like with 30 squirrels running amok. This avatar depicts Sprots dealing with nine of the cute, furry little guys, and she seems to be loving every minute of it. This is one of my rare avatars that depicts animals other than BB pets in a non-anthropomorphic way.

Characters: Sprots

Reference thread: ... 42#p402742

#307. "Love in an Elevator"

Debuted: 10/11/11


Esto posted an article listing a few common things that people think work, but really don't and are intended to provide the placebo effect for people. Several BB's chimed in, however, that contrary to what the article states, the "close doors" button on an elevator actually does work. Poor Sprots gets stuck with her second straight appearance as she finds much to her chagrin that the button does indeed work, especially when ES the elevator operator pushes it. At least she should appreciate the nice little Broncos logo I put on her bag.

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread: ... 89#p402889

#308. "The War Room"

Debuted: 10/14/11


Sprots was being pushed over the edge by the recent string of avatars featuring her and ES, and threatening to take a flamethrower to my avatars. I said, "Where's Matias when you need him?", to which she responded with her usual blather about the "deal" she decided on her own to implement about no more Matias avatars until I promise not to draw anymore of her with ES. To this, I responded with this war room avatar of Sprots and ES partaking in their Cold War style stalemate. Fanny responded with the famous line from the movie "War Games", but the actual visual inspiration for this avatar was the war room scene from Men at Work's video for their hit "It's a Mistake".

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread: ... 05#p403205

#309. "Pu Pu For You!"

Debuted: 10/17/11


This avatar came from a thread from Holly asking for a gag gift idea for an ass doctor she knew who was moving to Hawaii. Mini's suggestion of getting him a pu pu platter stuck with me since that was one of my favorite SyndieBAM questions from the MBFFB era. The avatar was drawn as an afterthought, however, due to the squirrel boycott I went on starting this day and lasting through the end of the World Series. The Cardinals fans embracing of the non-rallying "rally squirrel" was getting on my nerves to the point where I decided I would include no squirrel characters at all in any new avatars until they were finally booted from the postseason, with a hangover period if they wound up winning the championship. So, for Day 1 I needed a fresh avatar, and Mini's & Erin's cat charaters and Holly's raccoon fit the bill.

Characters: Mini, Holly, Erin

Reference thread: (Original inspiration thread) (Squirrel boycott thread where I introduced this avatar)

#310. "Pink Paws

Debuted: 10/19/11


I introduced the latest strange occurrance to Ody on the Bored not directly, but indirectly with this avatar showing the issue. It wasn't good when mini's first post giving a possible reason for the sudden pinkness of Ody's paws reminded her of an issue one of her old cats had that fit in quite well with the medical issues Ody had been going through, namely renal failure. While those fears eventually seemed to be unfounded and blown out of proportion, I still decided to nix this avatar after just a day given the uneasiness I now felt about it. This was Biskit's first major role in an avatar however.

Characters: Ody, Biskit

Reference thread:

#311. "Laptrap"

Debuted: 10/20/11


Wanting a new avatar to replace Ody, I decided to continue giving the lesser-used characters a chance while ES and friends were off limits. For this avatar, I drew on christie's experience the previous week with a rude, much younger co-worker who closed her laptop shut in the middle of a meeting with people from London. While I love the avatar on a visual scale, it failed epically on a recognition scale, as almost everybody, even christie herself, seemed to have any idea what it was about, or even who was in it (Saucy, however, did recognize the genesis, and I was too thickheaded to notice the post :oops: ). Between having never used christie's character before, getting the wrong country involved (I used Brazil, a frequent partner in her meetings), and not bringing forward the thread, it caused a lot of confusion and silence. Fanny finally piped up with her guess that it was christie getting BeBe ready for her Toddlers & Tiaras appearance, spiffing her up as a poodle. The poodle getting her nose slammed into christie's laptop was a blond 25 year old princess, and I tried to play that up as much as I could in the avatar.

Characters: Christie

Reference thread: (Original inspiration thread) ... 36#p403936 (Fanny's confusion)

#312. "The Sistine Crawlspace"

Debuted: 10/21/11


Ranked 11th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

A follow-up to last year's fan favorite (well, at least for Sprots) Crawlspace Fanny, here we see Fanny on her back painting the crawlspace ala the Sistine Chapel. This avatar got it's inspiration from a chat conversation where Fanny seemed to be on intimate terms with THE Michelangelo, and I made the Sistine crawlspace comebacker. Rennaissance painting never looked as good as when done with Apple Barrel acrylics.

Characters: Fanny

Reference thread:

#313. "No Time For Squirrels"

Debuted: 10/25/11


Everyone's favorite Amish girl Emily Rumspringa made her Bored comeback with a post remarking about her newfound success as a small entrepreneur. Sprots mentioned how she always supports small businesses, and while it called for an ES intrusion, I poked a bit of fun at my still ongoing squirrel boycott and had Hottie in ES's place running a lemonade stand in front of Sprots' house. I gave Hottie ES's signature smile and wave he likes to flash for his true love, though Sprots seems more confused by this situation than anything.

Characters: Sprots, Hottie

Reference thread: ... 90#p404590

#314. "Erin Got Back!"

Debuted: 10/27/11


Ranked 19th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

This avatar was the companion piece for my Bubblebutt edition of the rankings, which was inspired by a comment Beebs made about First Lady Michelle Obama's apparent hypocrisy of preaching good eating habits while stuffing her own face and having a bubblebutt. Pea seemed quite shocked and offended, and I jumped to the rescue of all great non-PC terms out there and threw it in as the rankings title. Since mini was commenting earlier about her lack of butt, I thought it would be cute to have Erin shaking her dainty ass, enhanced by a pillow, to mini's continued amusement. Mini later chimed in that Erin had in fact been singing Baby Got Back that very morning I posted the rankings. This avatar got somewhat shafted by my post-WS Game 6 avatar blackout, but was brought back due to popular demand when it was lifted.

Characters: Mini, Erin

Reference thread: (Mini's thread)

#315. "Happy Hoolyween"

Debuted: 10/31/11


Halloween morning saw the first yearning for me to create a new avatar. I wanted a witch for the occasion, and while normally this spot would call for MBRS (As in April's twister avatar), I still wasn't quite ready to lift my squirrel ban. So I made the fitting choice of Hooly to ride the broomstick through the night sky as the world's dumbest looking bat flies by.

Characters: Hooly

Reference thread: None

#316. "Merry Effin' Christmas!"

Debuted: 11/2/11


The squirrel boycott ended with this avatar, "celebrating" the return of the nonstop Christmas music to the PA at Mecca, which of course I'd have to put up with on a nightly basis (Althought the music would be taken down around the same time the avatar was 2 days later). Although most of the artwork in this one actually looks really good, the avatar itself didn't quite turn out the way I had it in my head... the gun, for one thing, is too small.

Characters: ES

Reference thread:

#317. "Run Clem Run!!"

Debuted: 11/4/11


Ranked 17th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

On the heels of Pea's entry last year, Clem attempted to take on the New York City Marathon, and succeeded in a time of 4:27:09. I drew him this inspiration avatar, featuring MBRS whipping Clem along on the marathon as his groupies cheer him on.

Characters: MBRS, Clem

Reference thread: ... 98#p406198

#318. "Appleocalypse"

Debuted: 11/8/11


Ranked 12th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

Oklahoma was ravaged first by an earthquake, then a line of severe weather with tornadoes the following day. Sliver begged to ask what may occur tomorrow. This avatar captured my view of what challenge tomorrow might hold for SC and the gang.... a barrage of apples thrown from the backyard tree. Now who would dare do such a thing?

Characters: Sliver, Lizbit, BeBe

Reference thread: ... 07#p406707

#319. "Planet Possum"

Debuted: 11/10/11


Lizbit had posted about meeting a possum in her backyard, and given how strange they looked, assuming that they must be aliens from a different planet. When the possum/alien conversation came up in chat between me and Sliver a week later, I drew up this avatar of my resident possum Buster coming out of his spaceship to greet the earth dog. The red spacesuit I dressed up Buster in, which was a cross between Star Trek and Mork & Mindy) was misinterpreted by Saucy as a mountie uniform!

Characters: Lizbit, Buster

Reference thread: (Inspiration thread) (Saucy's confusion thread)

#320. "The Bored Guru"

Debuted: 11/13/11


Drawn for Tubadave's birthday, I depicted our Bored's owner as an all-knowing guru high atop a mountain as thanks for the work he did to get the Bored out of the internal server error mess from a couple months ago. ES may have just been climbing for squirrel porn.

Characters: ES, Tubadave

Reference thread:

#321. "Sexiest Squirrel Alive"

Debuted: 11/16/11


People Magazine named Bradley Cooper, whoever that is, as their Sexiest Man Alive for this year. ES, of course, wanted to make sure he got recognition for his species, and apparently paid a lot of money to MBRS to get her to lie at his feet. After the more detailed efforts I had done recently, I went for a simplistic approach to this one and love the result. The look on MBRS's face almost doesn't even seem fitting, but it amuses me nonetheless.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 24#p407824

#322. "Picky Mouse"

Debuted: 11/20/11


Because my trusty old computer mouse was breaking down to the point where it kept double-clicking with only a single click, I had to break down and get a new one. The response of this mouse was much faster than the old one, and made it impossible to draw with when I tested it out. While I may have eventually gotten used to it, patience is not one of my virtues, so I swapped it out with my laptop mouse, which was similar to the old one, and tested that one out with this avatar showing my frustration with the quick mouse. ES sure isn't happy with how MBRS came out.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread:

#323. "Let the Parade Begin!"

Debuted: 11/23/11


Rather than lead off with a Merry Man, as usual, I started off this year's annual Merry Man Parade with my own handle, and this avatar of Angel as a majorette to go with it. I'm not sure if she's marching for the Bored or Mickey Dee's, though.

Characters: Angel

Reference thread:

#324. "Shiva"

Debuted: 11/24/11


In BiT's Thanksgiving greeting, he mentioned that one of his daughter's was currently in India with her aunt and uncle. Sliver chimed in that she wishes she could go to India too, and I took advantage of the slow day to draw up this avatar of MBRS as the Hindu god of many arms, Shiva. Not one of my favorite renditions of the redheaded one, and I didn't let it stay up a whole 24 hours before it was replaced.

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread: ... 84#p408784

#325. "When Buster Met Angel"

Debuted: 11/25/11


Ranked 9th in the 2011 ES Avatar Countdown

BobJuch posted that one of his debit cards had been fraudulently used, and the charges turned up on an online dating site. He claimed another of his cards had the same thing happen a few weeks prior. Knowing who would likely pull a stunt like that (If it wasn't Mrs. Juch herself), I drew Buster having a rather romantic evening with his computer date, the lovely Angel. Buster has really come into his own this year, and this scene of him with the adoring Angel is absolutely perfect, right down to Buster's cute little red bowtie.

Characters: Buster, Angel

Reference thread: ... 32#p408832

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