ES Avatar Anthology: 151-175

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ES Avatar Anthology: 151-175

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Sun May 15, 2011 4:03 pm

#151. "Go #71!"

Debuted: 6/15/10


Christie had mentioned in chat the previous night that it was her son Evan's birthday the next day, so I drew this avatar of MBRS doing her best Jessica Simpson, wearing a pink version of his #71 football jersey.

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread:

#152. "The Shining"

Debuted: 6/16/10


I challenged the Bored to inspire the next ES avatar, however wasn't particularly satisfied with any of the ideas submitted, but luckily the next morning I found inspiration in the normal way. Vandal posted his latest Bored game promo, a takeoff of "The Shining" for elwood's upcoming LS game. Vandal had made Holly and Hooly the two little girls who confront Danny in the hallway, so I drew that scene putting ES on the trike. As much as I love this avatar, it has one fatal flaw.... the front wheel on the trike is way too small.

Characters: ES, Hooly, Holly

Reference thread: ... 69#p319769 (You Call It avatar contest)

#153. "Itchy Business"

Debuted: 6/17/10


Ranked 13th in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

I had been having problems with a flea infestation due to the cats, and was getting all kinds of advice from others on the Bored. One piece of advice was from Sliver, who recommended putting on white socks and stomping on the carpet to see if that was where the fleas were hiding. This conjured up some scary images, and Fanny mentioned in chat that she could see me in my shirt, drawers and socks a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. I immediately opened up Paint and drew this avatar in quick time, showing ES dancing to Old Time Rock & Roll. Fanny noticed right away that I had forgotten to include any fleas, so I quickly took care of that and gave ES something to stomp.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 17#p320317

#154. "Birthday Impressions"

Debuted: 6/24/10


Avatar done for Beebs' birthday showing her character holding a cake done using the spray feature in Paint instead of lines and filling, which gave it an impressionistic look... again going back to the impressionistic squirrel painting she did for me.

Characters: Beebs

Reference thread:

#155. "Saucy Tossoff"

Debuted: 6/25/10


Ranked 2nd in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

Saucy got a bit part in the non-Director of Promos issued promo based on the movie "Fame" which was named Saucy Tossoff. After Fanny had commented that it was the best promo name ever, Saucy said that it was actually a porn name. That spurred ES to draw this picture of Saucy the dominatrix preparing to do her thing as ES is handcuffed helplessly to the bed. The perspective in this one, with ES shown only from behind, is a feat I am proud to have pulled off. Saucy sure made her very first avatar appearance a memorable one.

Characters: ES, Saucy

Reference thread: ... 24#p321424

#156. "Furry Freaks"

Debuted: 6/30/10


Apparently Anthrocon (A convention for people who actually like to dress up as animals) was in Pittsburgh at this time, as VaDame had a signature line mocking it and Weyoun mentioned that he and a few friends had crashed one of their parties. He then went on to describe someone dressed up as a walrus wearing a tux, and I had to do this avatar of ES and MBRS at Anthrocon. MBRS did the tuxxed walrus with ES dressed up as a skunk. I love the fact that I do anthro art, but I would stop short of getting my jollies dressing up the part as well..... as Sprots would say, good grief!

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread:

#157. "Rocket Squirrel"

Debuted: 7/4/10


Ranked 12th in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

My Fourth of July avatar showing Sprots sending ES tied to a rocket into outer space. This avatar was the first to feature Sprots' makeover I gave her to differentiate her enough from Kiki so I could do away with the pesky Broncos jersey. The effects of the fireworks and the shading on the rocket are my favorite parts about this avatar.

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread: ... 51#p323051

#158. "Giddy Up!"

Debuted: 7/7/10


Birthday avatar for Cindy Wellman showing ES getting a ride on her filly character... and even swallowing his pride enough to hold a Hello Kitty balloon.

Characters: ES, Cindy

Reference thread:

#159. "Up All Night"

Debuted: 7/9/10


On the night of July 8th, I entered chat around 9:00 PM and had no idea I'd be closing up shop at 7:02 AM the next morning. Hottie came in late that night, and after everyone else had left around midnight, the two of us wound up continuing our conversation for 7 hours just by ourselves! I promised her I would commemorate the record night with an avatar after I'd gotten some sleep, and drew this one up of her and ES asleep as the rising sun peeks through the windown.

Characters: ES, Hottie

Reference thread:

#160. "Water Water Everywhere"

Debuted: 7/12/10


I decided to tackle the leaky water line running to my icebox that had been chewed up by Spilly last Fall and held together by tape in the interim. That turned into quite a disaster, as I couldn't get the old water line off and all I wound up doing was making the leak even worse. It got so bad that I had to find the water shutoff and go without water for a day until I was able to get it reasonably patched up. This avatar of ES and the cats commemorated the brief flooding in my kitchen before I finally gave up and turned off the water.

Characters: ES, Spilly, Ody

Reference thread:

#161. "Crawlspace Fanny"

Debuted: 7/16/10


Ranked 4th in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

gsabc posted about an issue he was having with a contractor doing a bathroom remodel for him, and later in that thread, Fanny posted the plusses and minuses of her old bungalow as opposed to her newer house. One of the negatives she mentioned was having to venture down into the crawlspace to light the pilot light on the furnace. I captured that scene in this avatar, and while it didn't get much comment at the time, Sprots would eventually campaign for it to win the year end countdown. While I couldn't make it #1, I did reward it with a Top 5 spot based on its popularity with the Bored.

Characters: Fanny

Reference thread: ... 12#p325012

#162. "Jam Face"

Debuted: 7/22/10


Ranked 10th in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

Sprots put up an avatar of Matias with his face covered in jam, and almost immediately everyone on the Bored began imagining how I would work ES into it. While I couldn't resist the challenge, I thought MBRS might work better in this one, and drew her licking the jam off Matias' face. The result was a classic, and drew a perfect comment from tmitsss about ES's Bored-centric humor. This would be the last Matias avatar I would get to hijack before Sprots began to withhold them from ES's grasp.

Characters: MBRS, Matias (real-life)

Reference thread: ... 82#p326082

#163. "The Oily Squirrel"

Debuted: 7/26/10


Lilclyde posted about his trip to Florida, and how the water in the Gulf of Mexico was oil free three months after the massive BP oil spill. BiT backed up that report, but ES offered this interpretation. This avatar of Sprots preparing to wash down an oily ES was also somewhat inspired by the bottles od Dawn detergent I stock at work, which feature cute little animals on them that have been de-oiled. This avatar seemed to have a huge fan in rayxtwo, and as much as I loved it, I inexplicably left it out of the countdown in favor of "Rocket Squirrel". The oily ES and the duckie floater make this one a huge hit.

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread:

#164. "Charge It!"

Debuted: 7/28/10


A thread about credit cards and their fees inspired this avatar of MBRS going on a spending spree, on what we can only assume in ES's credit card. The cashier is the character I drew for a picture of Sister #2, who works as a manager at a mall store.

Characters: MBRS, Amy

Reference thread:

#165. "CANDEEEEE!!!!!"

Debuted: 7/30/10


Birthday avatar done for my cats Ody and Spilly on their first birthday. Spilly is shown in the bowl of candy, while Ody looks on in disinterest at his brother's antics. This avatar got a second life under the unfortunate circumstances of Spilly's passing the following February. I didn't realize at the time what I realize now just how perfectly this avatar captured what I loved about the Ody & Spilly tandem, and what I would miss with the comedic and energetic part of the duo's death. It was this avatar that spurred me to do something I hadn't done in over two decades, cry.

Characters: Ody, Spilly

Reference thread: (Spilly birthday thread) (Ody birthday thread)

#166. "Eardigger"

Debuted: 7/31/10


A quickie avatar thrown together to impress Peacock in one of her rare appearances (At that time she was scarce), and it worked. Done in about 10 minutes, I drew ES digging in his ear with a pen after I had mentioned in Pea's earwax thread about why you couldn't just use a pen to dig it out.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 21#p328021

#167. "Annie"

Debuted: 8/5/10


Ranked 3rd in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

While there have been many different inspirations over the years that have formed the entire backstory of the ES universe I have created, the biggest came from Annie Camaro who lended the name Evil Squirrel to the recurring grey squirrel character that had been popping up in my portraits I had been drawing, and slowly began to take on a life of his own on the Bored. When the resiliant Annie finally took on an illness she couldn't fight off in early August, there was no way ES could not pay tribute to the girl who made it all happen. This was the tearjerking avatar that I drew up days before Annie passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, showing the true feelings shared among a pair that often seemed to be at odds with each other.

Characters: ES, Annie

Reference thread: (Annie memorial thread)

#168. "Alone At the Stake"

Debuted: 8/11/10


My avatar for the absent Hooly's birthday was a re-take on my classic stake avatar from last year. This edit was actually done for inclusion with the original's appearance in the 2009 Avatar Countdown. I thought it was still appropriate for use as an avatar itself, given the sense of abandonment I still felt. Its significance puzzled Marley, and while mini and Fanny kept him distracted, I never did explain its meaning to the Bored, at least until now.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: None

#169. "The Squirrel's Wild!"

Debuted: 8/12/10


The concept of shuffling the prize amounts for the coming season of SyndieBAM prompted Fanny to make a reference to The Joker's Wild. I came up with this avatar tribute of Sprots' appearance on the show, and her spinning es..... ES...... ES!!!!!!

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread: ... 95#p330095

#170. "Squirrels and Tiaras

Debuted: 8/16/10


Jaybee posted a complaint about his son's high school's selection of a homecoming queen, which in the middle of Toddlers & Tiaras mania on the Bored generated this avatar of ES choosing Angel as his queen over a very jealous MBRS.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Angel

Reference thread: ... 81#p330781

#171. "Spilly the Muncher"

Debuted: 8/20/10


I woke up on this morning to find out that the cats, mainly Spilly, pulled my cell phone charger out of the cubbyhole on my computer desk and proceeded to have a field day chewing it into several pieces. Uly made a comment about whether the cats could draw in the thread, and out came this avatar of Spilly chewing on ES's latest drawing, a tattoo avatar for heels. Oh well.

Characters: ES, Spilly

Reference thread:

#172. "Supersquirrel!"

Debuted: 8/23/10


A link to a squirrel reference from Night at the Museum led to superheroes, one of my favorite ulytars "Squirrel Girl", and this avatar of a superhero MBRS. Whil I played around with the colors of her costume, I settled for the three primary colors, and not sure they complimented MBRS's look very well.

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread: ... 90#p332290

#173. "Super Bowling Friday"

Debuted: 8/28/10


I wound up bowling on a family team on Friday nights, and after some coaxing in chat, decided to keep a log of my scores as the season went on. This was the avatar that I made up to accompany the first entry in my log, showing ES on the approach with his house shoes and Hello Kitty ball. The ugly perspective on this one is the only thing that keeps this one from being a true classic in my mind.

Characters: ES

Reference thread:

#174. "Hurricane Mini"

Debuted: 9/1/10


Ranked 7th in the 2010 ES Avatar Countdown

With Hurricane Earl lingering off the Atlantic coast, I drew this avatar for hurricane magnet mini showing her facing off against the storm. Other than the crummy waves, I love everything about this avatar's look, especially the pissed off look of determination on mini's face.

Characters: Mini

Reference thread: ... 19#p334219

#175. "11:11"

Debuted: 9/7/10


Birthday avatar for christie with ES displaying her favorite time.

Characters: ES

Reference thread:

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