The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

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The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#1 Post by T_Bone0806 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:24 pm

And now we begin our countdown of my favorite songs from last year.

#80) Acetate-American Hi-Fi.
We kick off with this tight little power-popper built on a backbeat
straight out of 1964, so get those moptops floppin'! ... mu_dp_trk4

#79) Beautiful Like You-Lee DeWyze
The winner of American Idol in 2010. This is a nice power ballad
that might be a hit if the Idol machine actually got behind it. ... 1&sr=301-1

#78) Fallin' & Flyin'-Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell
From the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack. Jeff Bridges does a great spin
on this, but the big surprise is "good ol' boy" Farrell--Nashville
by way of Dublin??!?!??! YEE-HAW, BOYO!!!! ... 8&sr=301-1

#77) In My Head-Chris Abad
Accoustic-based Power Pop with a sweet melody. ... 730&sr=1-9

#76) Laughing Lover-Blitzen Trapper
A band that would not have been out of place at Woodstock. A lot of their
songs have a Grateful Dead vibe to them, but this one owes a lot to White Album
era McCartney. ... mu_dp_trk2

#75) On My Way Back Home-Band of Horses
The first of 3 songs by this band on the countdown. Hard to
pigeon hole their sound. This one is a gentle tune with a rich
falsetto lead that builds in layers as the song breezily moves along. ... 421&sr=1-8

#74) Claire's Ninth-Ben Folds
Ben adds music to the lyrics of author Nick Hornby. This one's about a
divorced couple taking their daughter out for her birthday and the
awkwardness that accompanies the event. ... 636&sr=1-7

#73) Song of the Passaic-Fountains of Wayne
This is a song recorded after the band heard an NPR story about the plight
of the Passaic River in New Jersey. They wrote the music, but apparently the
lyrics were written in 1890 by one John Alleyne Macnab.. ... day_2.html

You can download the song for free through the band's website.
Link is at the bottom of the homepage.

#72) Hold My Heart-Sara Bareilles
Pretty piano ballad owing much to the Carole King school. ... 605&sr=1-3

#71) Angel Dance-Robert Plant
Down & Dirty Groovefest from the Led Zep frontman, complete with funky mandolin. ... 738&sr=1-1
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Re: The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#2 Post by T_Bone0806 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:29 pm

#70) Sometime in the Morning-Micky Dolenz
Yes, THAT Micky Dolenz and THAT Sometime in the Morning. The once and future
Monkee drummer reworks this "More of the Monkees" track (from an album of
songs written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin) with a corny arrangement
and his voice shows his age, yet somehow it works for me. Rather charming,
actually. Could be the nostalgia factor..I was all of 9 years old when the original
came out, after all... ... 74&sr=1-27

#69) Thinkin' 'Bout Something-Hanson
Those who dismiss Hanson because of "Mmm Bop" should check out the guys'
last two albums. They have grown up into a tight little pop/R & B combo.
This track percolates right along its merry way, with a punchy horn section
accenting the grooves. Screw "Mmm Bop", this is tasty stuff. Thanks to Skoop for
waking me up to the the "new" Hanson a couple of years back.. ... 343&sr=1-2

#68) The Best Part of the Day-Elton John & Leon Russell
A ballad that sounds like it could've come from Elton's 70's prime. Nice. ... 91&sr=1-20

#67) Back Again-Popfilter
Alan Parsons Project, ELO, and Queen in a blender. Boston band. The link will
take you to their website, where this song should be the first thing that starts playing.
If not, hit the arrows at the bottom of the page player and it should come up eventually.

#66) Runaway-The National
Haunting and stark are two words that are used to describe much of this band's material.
The description fits this pretty song perfectly. The soundbite here doesn't do it justice,
you'll have to take my word for it. ... mu_dp_trk8

#65) Do What You Do-IKE
Happy little power popper. It's song #7 at the link below.

#64) Count on Me-Bruno Mars
Bruno leads all contenders with 4 songs on this list. The first is this sweet-natured
ditty. It's smile music. ... mu_dp_trk9

#63) Thinking 'Bout You Naked-Courtney Murphy
Finished in the Top 3 on the 2004 "Australian Idol" show..His voice reminds
me a lot of the Guess Who's Burton Cummings with a little less pronounced rapid vibrato.
Some nice horns back him up on this early 70's-sounding pop tune (Grass Roots perhaps?) ... mu_dp_trk2

#62) White Blank Page-Mumford & Sons
A 30-second soundbite can't do this justice, as is the case with any song off their album.
Each song is a novel. Powerful, dramatic. Wonderful. ... 382&sr=1-1

#61) I Know We Won-The Doobie Brothers w/Willie Nelson
Veterans of the road team up for this one. It's about old friends, yes, but I also
hear more than that. The years of experience they've logged
saturate every note of this nostalgic reminiscence of hard-earned satisfaction. ... 5&sr=301-2
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Re: The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#3 Post by T_Bone0806 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:32 pm

#60) What You Do-Timmy Sean
A nifty piano-based pop-rock confection. ... mu_dp_trk6

#59) I Can't Lie-Maroon 5
70's styled slinky R & B number. Careful, I can see your butt wiggling. ... 15&sr=1-38

#58) Crash Years-The New Pornographers
Never liked this band's name. Sounds like a freakin' punk band. No No No. They
are a pop band. A quirky pop band, yes, but one that knows their way around
catchy pop hooks. Some songs have a male lead vocalist, others a female one. The
lady has the spotlight here. ... 0&sr=301-1

#57) The Glitter Prize-The Posies
This seminal power pop-light unit has been around for awhile. Their latest one,
"Blood & Candy" is uneven, but still has a couple items that rank with their
best. Like this one. This one actually reminds me of early-70's California soft
rock. ... 020&sr=1-2

#56) Rhythm of Love-Plain White T's
This band goes back and forth between power pop swagger and cutesy pop ditties
(Hey There Delilah, 1234, which were their biggest successes). This one falls
into the latter camp. It's lightweight, but effective. And really, who can
resist a ukelele? ... 229&sr=1-1

#55) Compromise-Skeleton Staff
An unsigned Australian band that impressed me with their self-released album
"Solipsism". This one is a pleasant midtempo pop tune with a touch of
hippie-dippy psychedelic flavoring. You can listen to the whole song here
(Track 5)

#54) Fallin' In-Lifehouse
Gently rockin' pretty ballad. ... 5&sr=301-1

#53) Can't Let Go Of Her Now-Justin Currie
He was the leader of the band Del Amitri, who had a big hit with the excellent
"Roll With Me". He shows here that he hasn't lost his way with a melody. ... 092&sr=1-6

#52) Magdalena-Brandon Flowers
First of two on my list from the frontman for The Killers. A bouncy sing-along. ... 881&sr=1-7

#51) I Ain't Superstitious-Santana w/Jonny Lang
From Carlos' album "Guitar Heaven", in which he covers classic rock numbers with
guest stars, comes this guitar throwdown. Rock on. ... 4&sr=301-2
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Re: The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#4 Post by T_Bone0806 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:35 pm

#50) Macon-Jamey Johnson
I listened to soundbites of this cd, and frankly most of it is WAAAY too twangy
for my tastes. This one, though, mixes its twang with some Allmans styled guitar
work and is sweetened by some female backup singers straight outta the Skynyrd
playbook. So I bought a 99 cent download. Yassir. ... 469&sr=1-2

#49) Beside You-Marianas Trench
Honestly, if I had expanded my top 10 album list, the one this song comes from
would probably have landed at #11. This is a big ballad, with a BIIIIGGGG
hands in the air chorus. ... -1-catcorr

#48) Pretty Melody-Butch Walker
Started as the frontman for the excellent Power Pop group Marvelous 3, lately
has made a name for himself as a producer (Avril Lavigne, Pink, and a whole lot
of others). He still finds time to release an album every few years. This is
from his latest, and it owes a lot to the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" genre.
Its title is appropros, by the way. ... 242&sr=1-1

#47) Emily-Tiny Volcano
Cutesy pop song which caught my ear. What really drives it home is the Brian May
(Queen) style guitar solo. Quite catchy. ... 7&sr=301-2

#46) Irrational Anthem-Plain White T's
Stand-up, fist in the air, pogoing rowdy pop offering from this duel persona
band (see entry #56). ... 571&sr=1-9

#45) In My Lonely Room-Phil Collins
From Phil's album of (mostly) Motown covers comes this entry. Most of the cd is
a pleasant listen, but just that. I love this version, however, of a forgotten
track by Martha & the Vandellas. Maybe because it's less familiar than the more
iconic songs he tackles on the disc, therefore I don't have a classic to compare
it to. ... 8&sr=301-2

#44) Mason-Crystal Bowersox
From the American Idol runnerup's first album, this is a soft, bluesy duet with
her husband. I am not overwhelmed with the album itself other than
a few tunes, even though she was easily my favorite from last year's Idol, but this one
I liked a lot. ... u_dp_trk11

#43)Cooler Than Me-Mike Posner
I like this in spite of myself. Not often I can say these days that I like
something that's been high on the pop charts. But this one's infectious. ... 104&sr=1-1

#42) All Through the Night-Sheryl Crow
Here's a Boneys first..a song from a Christmas album making the list. Yes, it's
on a Christmas album, but there's nothing in the lyrics mentioning the Yuletide.
So this lovely, tender yet slightly quirky performance makes the list.
My game, my rules.

Sorry, can't find a link..

#41) While My Guitar Gently Weeps-Santana w/India.Arie and Yo-Yo Ma
I'm very fussy about Beatle covers (surprise) but this one makes the grade.
Beautiful. ... mu_dp_trk4

Gotta take a break. Back with the upper half of the list in a bit...
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Re: The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#5 Post by T_Bone0806 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:15 pm

Started another thread for 40 through 1.
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Re: The Boneys Part Two..The Songs #80-#41

#6 Post by SportsFan68 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:55 pm

This is great! Very enjoyable, even though I'm one of those who's putting the music business in jeopardy by listening to new music only when it comes on the radio.

I'll do the second half when I have time for a leisurely read.

In the meantime. . . GO SKYHAWKS MEN!!!

Women Skyhawks already won the RMAC earlier this afternoon -- Congratulations!
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