Transcript 5/29/19 Eugene Byon (eybyon)

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Transcript 5/29/19 Eugene Byon (eybyon)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon May 13, 2019 9:11 pm

Eugene Byon (BB eybyon)
IT consultant
Houston, Texas

Last season Eugene was foiled by the “Nixon rule.”


Which of these is NOT one of the three general categories Thomas Jefferson used to divide the books in his personal library at Monticello?
A: History B: Philosophy
C: Fine Arts D: Naughty Limericks

D: Naughty Limericks

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, what is the best way to keep small, delicate holiday ornaments safe and organized during the off-season?
A: Put them in an egg carton B: Scatter them in the yard
C: Let them roll around in your trunk D: Never take down your tree

A: Put them in an egg carton

What vegetable that’s also sold by the head did Mark Twain once call “nothing but cabbage with a college education”?
A: Cucumber B: Cauliflower
C: Onion D: Carrot

B: Cauliflower

According to the U.N., what’s the only country in the world whose entire population is foreign-born?
A: El Salvador B: Hungary
C: Vatican City D: Singapore

C: Vatican City

In the chorus of what Billy Idol song do soft female vocals repeat the phrase, “Les yeux sans visage,” which is a French translation of the title?
A: Dancing With Myself B: Cradle of Love
C: White Wedding D: Eyes Without a Face

D: Eyes Without a Face

Commercial break

Mario Maserati was inspired to create his luxury car brand’s famous trident logo by a fountain in his hometown featuring a statue of what Roman god?
A: Mercury B: Mars
C: Venus D: Neptune

D: Neptune

How long would a day be if, instead of its usual 1000 mph, the Earth rotated at 28,000 mph like the fastest-spinning planet, Jupiter?
A: 52 minutes B: 127 minutes
C: 8.6 hours D: 28 days

Eugene is a bit worried because this is the level that he got wrong the first time. But he observes that 28,000 is 28 times the Earth’s actual rotation, so the answer is 1/28 of a day, which is a bit less than an hour.

A: 52 minutes

Commercial break

Before he became president, Donald Trump made cameos in all but which of these movies?
A: Love Actually B: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
C: Two Weeks Notice D: Zoolander

A: 57% B: 6% C: 17% D: 20%

50/50 leaves Love Actually and Two Weeks Notice.

A: Love Actually

Commercial break

What common expression comes from a well-known Aesop’s fable featuring a hungry fox?
A: Wild oats B: Spilt milk
C: Salt of the earth D: Sour grapes

D: Sour grapes

Which of these states is the only one of the 50 to have never sent a woman to Congress — either the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate?
A: Vermont B: Alaska
C: Maine D: Maryland

Eugene remembers women representatives for Alaska and Vermont.
+1 Mike used to live in Maryland. He says Maryland, Maine and Vermont are progressive states. Also, Alaska has only been a state since 1959. Sarah Palin was governor but not in Congress. Eugene decides to walk away.

A: Vermont
Eugene wins $20,000 plus a ride on the Linq Hotel Ferris wheel (with a champagne toast) and dinner at Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace.

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