I just don't see how we do football

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I just don't see how we do football

#1 Post by Buffacuse » Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:16 am

Bear in mind, my idea of a perfect Saturday is to sit in my easy chair, in front of my big screen, from noon to midnight, watching college football.

37 kids on Clemson, dozens more on Bama, and a host around the country in high school, college, and likely the NFL. And this is before we even go to training camp--this is from friggin pre-season workouts.

What happens when camps open at all levels and interior linemen bang on each other 100 times a day, sweat and blood flying everywhere?

I just don't see it working--and I think a lot of kids will get sick or worse while the so-called adults in the room wait for the inevitable to happen. I'm with Mrs. Buff in Austin right now, and do you think there is a single official in Texas who wants to say "no football this year." Nope. They know it's the right thing to do, but no guts to say it given the likely massive blow-back.

Nick Saban knows too. So do Dabo and Ed Orgeron. They all know this shouldn't be happening, but no one wants to say so. It'll literally take a player dying to get them to stop.

Do we really need football that much?

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