The Viability of Industrial Tourism as an Economic Model

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The Viability of Industrial Tourism as an Economic Model

#1 Post by Spock » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:51 am

Shades of Edward Abbey, but whatever happens economically there will be a lot of upcoming lessons on the viability of industrial tourism as an economic model.

Most notably, at the macro-economic scale, will cruising on large cruise ships (petri dishes) come back?

At the micro level, Craig Rullman at Running Iron Report mentions the small tourist dependent businesses in Sisters, Oregon (east of the Cascades) that depend on tourist dollars coming over the mountains. Oh, and he also notes that the asinine Bill Maher is likely to get his hoped for recession. ... e-diaries/

>>>"but we agreed these are bizarre times that will crush a significant portion of the small businesses in our town. Their margins are always thin anyway and business owners here rely on the spring wave of tourists for a jumpstart. But those “sticky dollars” won’t be coming over the mountain this year and the Out of Business signs are about to go up like Russian thistle in a pile of Nevada mine tailings– dole checks or no dole checks."<<<<

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