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Transcript 11/27/18 Lizzie Lockard (carryover)

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:03 pm
by BBTranscriptTeam
Lizzie Lockard
Production manager
Cedar Falls, Iowa

According to the official rules of the sport, which of these must be exactly 68 inches off the ground?
A: Top of a soccer goal B: Top of a volleyball net
C: Center of a dartboard D: Women’s gymnastics balance beam

A: 10% B: 27% C: 39% D: 24%
Lizzie figures out that 68 inches is 5’8”, about her height. She played volleyball (very poorly) in junior high and had to jump at the net. She goes with the audience.

C: Center of a dartboard

Because it’s released into the environment during atomic explosions, testing for strontium-90 is a method used to detect counterfeit what?
A: Money B: Handbags
C: Paintings D: Pharmaceuticals

Lizzie’s friend Alex Harris doesn’t think it’s handbags or pharmaceuticals.

50/50 leaves handbags and paintings.

C: Paintings

Commercial break

Thirty-six years old at the time, Charlie Duke is the youngest person ever to have done which of these things?
A: Become a grandfather B: Walked on the moon
C: Become a billionaire D: Been elected to Congress

Lizzie never heard of this person and has no idea, so she walks.

B: Walked on the moon
Lizzie wins $10,000.