Transcript 5/17/2019 - Monica Petersen

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Transcript 5/17/2019 - Monica Petersen

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:05 pm

Monica Petersen
Mesa, AZ

$500: When cameras aren't allowed in a courtroom, TV news broadcasts commonly use what to show viewers what took place?
A - puppet show
B - improv troupe
C - child actors
D - artist's sketch
Answer: D (artist's sketch)

$1000: Though it might seem like a nice gesture, Mindy Kaling says bringing what to a party is a slightly hostile act, as you have to drop everything and arrange them?
A - cut flowers
B - folding chairs
C - random pieces of silverware
D - bowling trophies
Answer: A (cut flowers)

$2000: In 2017, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on what well-known body mechanism?
A - biological clock
B - biological scissors
C - biological lint brush
D - biological travel mug
Answer: A (biological clock)

$3000: Set in the 1980s (like the famous TV show with Crockett and Tubbs), the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" is based on what U.S. metropolis?
A - Boise, ID
B - Miami, FL
C - Fargo, ND
D - Salt Lake City, UT
Answer: B (Miami, FL)

$5000: Meaning "to the man," which of these Latin phrases refers to an argument where you ignore the facts and just attack your opponent's character?
A - ad nauseam
B - ad hominem
C - ad hoc
D - ad infinitum

Monica took Latin in high school but didn't learn anything; however she is an English major and could figure out the answer.
Answer: B (ad hominem)

$7000: Starring Molly Ringwald in the title role and Joey Bishop as her grandfather, what 1990 movie features a member of both the Brat Pack AND the Rat Pack?
A - A Fish Called Wanda
B - Betsy's Wedding
C - Curly Sue
D - Roxanne

Monica says she can rule one of them out but she wants to ask the audience.
Ask the Audience results:
A - 14%
B - 45%
C - 30%
D - 11%

She trusts the audience.
Answer: B (Betsy's Wedding)

commercial break

$10,000: Who's missing from this sequence of recent British Prime Ministers, listed in chronological order: John Major, Tony Blair, ______, David Cameron, Theresa May?
A - Boris Johnson
B - Stephen Harper
C - Malcom Turnbull
D - Gordon Brown

Monica says the only PMs she can think of are already up there. She decides to use her 50:50.
"50:50 results": A & D

Neither of these helps her but she did have a guess, so this makes it a little easier.
Answer: D (Gordon Brown)

Monica relates a story about her mother and her planning to audition for the show together, but the mother passed away 3 weeks before the audition. Monica decided to go anyway to prove herself and got the call on her mother's birthday.

$20,000: While many believe he's buried near his birthplace on the island of Zanzibar, what music star's final resting place is still unknown to this day?
A - John Lennon
B - Jimi Hendrix
C - Tupac Shakur
D - Freddie Mercury

Monica has no idea what Zanzibar is, but her mother was
a big Queen fan
so she knows the answer.
Answer: D (Freddie Mercury)

$30,000: When spelled out in full, which of these pairs of computer terms have a word in common?
A - HTTP and PDF
B - GIF and JPEG
C - PDF and GIF
D - JPEG and IP address

Monica knows what HTTP stands for, she can't remember what PDF stands for; GIF and JPEG are picture files but she doesn't know what they stand for. She hopes her +1, her friend Courtney, can help her out. Courtney was shaking her head as she came down. She says that Monica has ruled out
A and D
. She thinks that
PDF and GIF are the only ones with a letter in common; Monica says GIF and JPEG do also
. Courtney says she's given Monica all the information she has.
They discuss GIF and figure that it stands for "graphic image file" so Monica makes B her final answer
Answer: C (PDF and GIF)

commercial break

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Re: Transcript 5/17/2019 - Monica Petersen

#2 Post by earendel » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:19 am

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Monica Petersen
Mesa, AZ
Nihil obstat®.

(IIRC the question she missed was about women's soccer - I couldn't find her previous appearance in the archives.)
"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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