Transcript 4/17/19 Adam Wenger

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Transcript 4/17/19 Adam Wenger

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:40 pm

Adam Wenger
San Francisco, Cal.

Which of these is a question Facebook uses to prompt people to give a “status update”?
A: What’s on your mind? B: Can we stop with the stupid dog photos?
C: Do you seriously have nothing better to do? D: Wait, you have friends?

A: What’s on your mind?

As opposed to another shape that could accidentally be turned at an angle and drop in, a manhole cover is typically what shape?
A: Square B: Circle
C: Triangle D: Pentagon

B: Circle

Despite a common myth, only three of the more than 1,200 species of bats are actually sanguivorous, meaning that they feed on what?
A: Fish B: Blood
C: Protein bars D: Grass

B: Blood

The so-called “Rainbow Index” ranks European countries based on how strongly they support which of these issues?
A: Freedom of the press B: LGBT rights
C: Literacy D: Free trade

B: LGBT rights

Since its central figure is never described as having had direct contact with the Divine, which religion might be called a “non-prophet” organization?
A: Confucianism B: Judaism
C: Christianity D: Mormonism

A: Confucianism

If you were born with two copies of a recessive allele on chromosome 16, thus altering your melanocortin 1 receptor, you’re likely to be which of these?
A: Double-jointed B: Left-handed
C: Red-headed D: Over 7 feet tall

A: 21% B: 6% C: 69% D: 4%

C: Red-headed

Commercial break

Though somewhat unintelligible, “Let’s look for the purple banana” and “Pills and thrills and daffodils” both make an appearance in the lyrics of what 1984 Prince hit?
A: Little Red Corvette B: Let’s Go Crazy
C: 1999 D: When Doves Cry

Adam and his +1 Frank were talking about Prince last night. Frank says it’s “Little Red Corvette.”

B: Let’s Go Crazy
Adam wins $5,000.

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