Transcript 4/12/2019 - Barbara Gao Shapiro

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Transcript 4/12/2019 - Barbara Gao Shapiro

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:25 pm

Barbara Gao Shapiro
New York City, NY
assistant principal

Barbara says she's here for the right reasons.

$500: After displaying a warning screen, an iPhone will shut itself down until the situation normalizes in which of these cases?
A - it's in extreme heat or extreme cold
B - it considers your selfie unflattering
C - you're texting someone too soon after a date
D - Siri's drunk
Answer: A (it's in extreme heat or extreme cold)

$1000: Traditionally sitting to the conductor's left and serving as their liaison to the other musicians, what term is commonly used to refer to a symphony's first-chair violinist?
A - concertmaster
B - dungeon master
C - View-master
D - Thighmaster

Barbara played violin for 12 years and was first chair for one year.
Answer: A (concertmaster)

$2000: Hoping to save the planet by changing eating habits, what non-profit campaign was launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009?
A - Meat Free Monday
B - Waffle Wednesday
C - Seasoned Curly Fry Friday
D - Snausages Saturday

Barbara's husband is vegetarian and likes to mention when celebrities are also.
Answer: A (Meat Free Monday)

$3000: Currently boasting about 60,000 objects in its collection, which Smithsonian museum's earliest offerings included an exhibit of traditional Chinese kites?
A - National Air and Space Museum
B - National Postal Museum
C - National Museum of the American Indian
D - National Portrait Gallery

Barbara started to eliminate
until she considered the other answers.
Answer: A (National Air and Space Museum)

$5000: What famous collection of poetry did Walt Whitman first publish anonymously in 1855?
A - Grains of Sand
B - Leaves of Grass
C - Needles of Pine
D - Shards of Pottery

Barbara watched every episode of "Breaking Bad" and that helps.
Answer: B (Leaves of Grass)

commercial break

MILLIONAIRE "QUESTION OF THE DAY": The interior of a fiber-optic cable is usually made out of what substance?
A - glass
B - rubber
C - copper
D - aluminum
Answer: A (glass)

commercial break

$7000: Given that the bases are all 90 feet apart, about how many full laps would you have to run around a baseball diamond in order to run one mile?
A - 5
B - 10
C - 15
D - 20

Barbara loves baseball but wasn't expecting a baseball question and a math question at the same time. She knows a mile is slightly over 5,000 feet. She starts to divide the figures but opts to multiply instead.
Answer: C (15)

$10,000: Because today he uses his middle name as his last, Thomas Mapother IV is better known as what?
A - Tom Hanks
B - Tom Brady
C - Tom Cruise
D - Tom Selleck

Barbara just watched
Answer: C (Tom Cruise)


Barbara will return on Monday.

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