Transcript 10/18/18 Paul Shaffer

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Transcript 10/18/18 Paul Shaffer

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:37 pm

Paul Shaffer

Paul is playing for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

When a grain of sand gets caught in a Tahitian black-lipped oyster, it produces the super-rare what?
A: Black swan B: Black pearl
C: Black hole D: Jack Black

B: Black pearl

Cash on hand, or things that can be quickly converted into cash, are often referred to as what kind of assets?
A: Liquid B: Gaseous
C: Gooey D: Sticky

A: Liquid

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Joseph Shivers was recently inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for creating a popular stretchy clothing fabric, whose name is which anagram of “expands”?
A: Depsnax B: Sandpex
C: Axspend D: Spandex

D: Spandex

The Austrian singer Falco paid tribute to Mozart with his 1986 hit titled what?
A: Your Kiss Is on My Liszt B: Bach or White
C: Rock Me Amadeus D: It’s Raining Mendelssohn

Paul is the co-writer of “It’s Raining Men.”

C: Rock Me Amadeus

Commercial break

To help close out his 33 years in late night, who played David Letterman’s favorite song “Everlong” under the show-ending montage on his last “Late Show”?
A: R.E.M. B: U2
C: Foo Fighters D: Bon Jovi

C: Foo Fighters

Which of the following foods comes in such varieties as cremini, enoki, porcini and hen of the woods?
A: Onions B: Olives
C: Mushrooms D: Peppers

C: Mushrooms

The horn
Paul will be back on Friday.

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Re: Transcript 10/18/18 Paul Shaffer

#2 Post by earendel » Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:06 pm

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Paul Shaffer

Paul is playing for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
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