Transcript 10/11/18 Rebecca Price

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Transcript 10/11/18 Rebecca Price

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:23 pm

Rebecca Price
Shepherdsville, Ky.

According to, all but which of the following are good uses for used tea bags?
A: Placing on tired eyes to reduce swelling B: Cleaning smudges from glass
C: Absorbing odors in the fridge D: Wearing as earrings on your wedding day

D: Wearing as earrings on your wedding day

Which of these is NOT a mythological figure mentioned in the ancient Greek version of the Hippocratic Oath?
A: Asclepius, god of medicine B: Hygeia, goddess of health
C: Panacea, goddess of healing D: Subpoena, goddess of tax evasion

D: Subpoena, goddess of tax evasion

In 2017, Virginia voters made history by electing Danica Roem, the first state legislator in the country to be what?
A: Blonde B: Left-handed
C: Openly transgender D: Over 5’7”

C: Openly transgender

As a kind of early warning system, WWI soldiers would often bring slugs into the trenches because the creatures would react in the presence of what?
A: Nuclear radiation B: Mustard gas
C: Agent Orange D: Germans

Rebecca knows mustard gas and Agent Orange were used in war.
50/50 leaves mustard gas and Agent Orange.

B: 91% C: 9%

B: Mustard gas

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“Prosthodontics” is a fancy word for which of these cosmetic enhancements?
A: Breast implants B: False teeth
C: Acrylic fingernails D: Hair extensions

B: False teeth

The stars of a popular show on HGTV, twins Jonathan and Drew Scott are better known as the what?
A: Bros With Hoes B: Property Brothers
C: Kitchen Kin D: Brews Brothers

B: Property Brothers

Which of these scales is rarely used by scientists nowadays, having been replaced by the more accurate Moment Magnitude Scale?
A: Mohs scale B: Fujita scale
C: Kelvin scale D: Richter scale

D: Richter scale

Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Plant and Sting are just some of the artists honored in England with the title CBE, which means “what” of the British Empire?
A: Commander B: Chancellor
C: Colonel D: Captain

Rebecca’s +1 Kate’s parents are from Great Britain. She has no idea. Rebecca guesses Chancellor.

A: Commander
Rebecca wins $5,000.

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Re: Transcript 10/11/18 Rebecca Price

#2 Post by earendel » Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:23 pm

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Rebecca Price
Shepherdsville, Ky.
Two contestants from KY in a row. I wonder if they traveled together.

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