Transcript 2/20/19 Pat McGonigle

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Transcript 2/20/19 Pat McGonigle

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:08 pm

Pat McGonigle
News anchor at WDAF
Kansas City, Mo.

Pat is playing for Love Fund for Children.

In 2017, Walmart began testing shelf-scanning robots, that roam the aisles and do all but which of the following?
A: Check inventory levels B: Look for misplaced items
C: Verify pricing D: Hit on hot single shopping carts

D: Hit on hot single shopping carts

It’s estimated that over the last 30 years, Queen Elizabeth II has made close to $9 million from what?
A: Owning winning racehorses B: Making illegal bets on MMA fights
C: Competing on the Monster Truck circuit D: Live-streaming herself playing “Call of Duty”

A: Owning winning racehorses

By definition, the so-called “golden hour” is an important time for photographers who want to take pictures of what?
A: Goldfish crackers B: Goldie Hawn
C: An outdoor scene, just before sunset D: The McDonald’s arches

C: An outdoor scene, just before sunset

Named for the opening song he famously sang, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a 2018 documentary about the star of what classic kids’ program?
A: Captain Kangaroo B: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
C: Mr. Wizard’s World D: The Electric Company

B: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Commercial break

What ancient warrior was known to the Romans as “the Scourge of God”?
A: Hannibal B: Attila the Hun
C: Alexander the Great D: Hector

B: Attila the Hun

In June 2018, what recent newsmaker, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, launched a perfume called “Truth”?
A: Meghan Markle B: Jennifer Lawrence
C: Serena Williams D: Stormy Daniels

D: Stormy Daniels

Nephrology is a subfield of medical science that specifically deals with what blood-filtering organ or organs?
A: Kidneys B: Lungs
C: Small intestine D: Appendix

A: Kidneys

The horn
Pat will be back on Thursday.

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