Transcript 10/10/18 Craig Handy

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Transcript 10/10/18 Craig Handy

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:01 pm

Craig Handy
Los Angeles, Cal.

Five of the ten Best Picture Oscar winners from the 1970s have a title that begins with what word?
A: Apocalypse B: Norma
C: The D: Cannonball

C: The

To avoid scuffed floors when rearranging a heavy piece of furniture, Martha Stewart recommends putting what underneath it for safe, soft dragging?
A: Towels B: Your toes
C: Large sheets of ice D: Your grandmother’s wedding dress

A: Towels

Also built around canals, the Italian town of Chioggia is just 16 miles south of which city?
A: Rome B: Venice
C: Naples D: Florence

B: Venice

Called “America’s first female synth hero,” music pioneer Suzanne Ciani is famous for her iconic, bubbly sound design for Coca-Cola ads, known as the what?
A: “Pop ’n Pour” B: “Shake ’n Bake”
C: “Pick ’n Roll” D: “Sit ’n Spin”

A: “Pop ’n Pour”

Paul Reiser said in an interview that they kicked around hundreds of titles (including “Paul and Chain”) before deciding on the name for what ’90s sitcom?
A: Mad About You B: Home Improvement
C: Married…with Children D: Dharma & Greg

A: Mad About You

In the world of finance, a HELOC is a loan in which the borrower uses what asset as collateral?
A: Their car B: Their home
C: Their cash reserves D: Their holdings in the stock market

Craig thinks a HELOC is a home equity loan.
A: 0% B: 93% C: 1% D: 6%

B: Their home

Commercial break

In use since about 1860, the phrase “pull out all the stops,” meaning “use all available resources,” was originally inspired by what occupation?
A: Locomotive engineer B: Telegraph operator
C: Plumber D: Organist

Craig answers A: Locomotive engineer.
The right answer is D: Organist.
Craig wins $5,000.

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Re: Transcript 10/10/18 Craig Handy

#2 Post by ghostjmf » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:22 pm

So far so good

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Re: Transcript 10/10/18 Craig Handy

#3 Post by earendel » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:45 am

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Craig Handy
Los Angeles, Cal.
Nihil obstat®.
"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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