Transcript 12/5/17 Megan Carolin

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Transcript 12/5/17 Megan Carolin

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:08 pm

Megan Carolin
Children’s clothing store manager
San Diego, Cal.

Also known as a Western omelet, a Denver omelet traditionally contains all but which of these ingredients?
A: Ham B: Onions
C: Green bell peppers D: Skis

D: Skis

Noting that they only have space to hold three or four of the many things a woman needs, recently asked, “Honestly, Why Do” what “Even Exist”?
A: Clutches B: Refrigerators
C: Suitcases D: Pick-up trucks

A: Clutches

On, which of these figures is mentioned in an article about the Olympic Games, and NOT one about an American First Lady?
A: Abigail Fillmore B: Lou Hoover
C: Tonya Harding D: Lucretia Garfield

C: Tonya Harding

With many believing that they reference the network’s former parent company - though it’s really just a coincidence - the famed “NBC chimes” are what 3 notes?
A: A-C-E B: G-E-C
C: F-G-B D: C-G-C

B: G-E-C

If you wanted to specify the bills with which you’d be paid your $1 million today, you could ask for 1,000,000 Washingtons, or all but which of these?
A: 200,000 Lincolns B: 100,000 Hamiltons
C: 50,000 Jacksons D: 25,000 Grants

Megan initially thinks Hamilton’s on the $100 bill, but she corrects herself and answers

D: 25,000 Grants

What actress played “Mother” Maybelle Carter in a fourth grade play, years before winning an Oscar for playing “Mother” Maybelle Carter’s daughter on film?
A: Reese Witherspoon B: Sandra Bullock
C: Hilary Swank D: Meryl Streep

A: 32% B: 9% C: 8% D: 51%
Then Megan remembers Reese Witherspoon won the Oscar for playing June Carter Cash.

A: Reese Witherspoon

Commercial break

Which of the following state capitals are located in states that all have exactly 9 letters in their names?
A: Columbus, Olympia, Jackson B: St. Paul, Salem, Augusta
C: Madison, Nashville, Concord D: Baton Rouge, Trenton, Santa Fe

D: Baton Rouge, Trenton, Santa Fe

Which of these is a complete nonsense word that one of our writers made up, and NOT an actual word the dictionary lists as a synonym of “nonsense”?
A: Tommyrot B: Huffmuffle
C: Codswallop D: Flapdoodle

Megan has heard of the word codswallop. Her friend Jeremy thinks huffmuffle is made up.

50/50 leaves huffmuffle and flapdoodle.

B: Huffmuffle

Commercial break

By definition, steel is primarily an alloy of iron and what other element?
A: Nickel B: Lead
C: Carbon D: Zinc

Megan thinks it’s
, but she walks away.

C: Carbon
Megan wins $20,000.

Commercial break

The game tic-tac-toe is also known by what name?
A: Sticks & stones B: Noughts & crosses
C: Bits & pieces D: Hugs & kisses

B: Noughts & crosses

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Re: Transcript 12/5/17 Megan Carolin

#2 Post by ghostjmf » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:21 pm

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Re: Transcript 12/5/17 Megan Carolin

#3 Post by earendel » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:41 am

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Megan Carolin
Children’s clothing store manager
San Diego, Cal.
Nihil obstat®.
"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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